Reverend Gerald J. Joiner, M.Th.
Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Inc.
  • Born: November 23, 1953
  • Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Parents: Cleo and Doris Joiner
  • Education: Campbellsville University 1975, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Wife: Luevern T. Joiner (deceased)
  • Sons: Taurean Delon (Jon'a) & Gemayel Jerome Joiner
  • Ordained: October 26, 1986 - Emmanuel Baptist Church - Louisville, KY
  • Installation as Pastor: January 15, 2006
  • Previous Positions: Pastor of Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Associate Minister of Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Roswell, Georgia, Appointed Missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention, Director of the Baptist Fellowship Center, Superintendent of Missions for the Central District Baptist Association of Kentucky

Pastor Gerald J. Joiner is the youngest son of the late Cleo and Doris Joiner of Louisville; KY. He is the husband of the late Luevern T. Joiner and proud father of two sons - Taurean Delon (Jona L. Fogle) and Gemayel Jerome Joiner, The family previously resided in Roswell, GA. and attended the Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Roswell, where Reverend Joiner served as an associate minister, under the Pastorate of Dr. Frank Lewis.

His spiritual upbringing, however, is duly credited to the God-sent, God-gifted and God-centered tutelage of the late Rev. Dr. C. B. Lucas of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Louisville, KY. Reverend Joiner is a graduate of Campbellsville University and has attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

From a secular employment perspective, Reverend Joiner was employed as the National Sales Personnel & Organizational Manager of the M&M/Mars Company (M&M candies, etc.). From a spiritual employment perspective, he is the former Pastor of Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While serving as Pastor of Redeemer, God blessed the church with exponential growth in membership and tithes. His leadership emphasized both domestic and international missions. Domestically, Pastor Joiner developed a cooperative ministry with the Harriet Tubman Women's Shelter, a substance abuse recovery program, a tutoring program and a juvenile diversion program designed to keep our youth off the streets. Internationally, he developed a cooperative ministry with Pastor Shadrack Mutombella of Maranatha Ministries in South Africa. In 1996, Pastor Joiner led the effort to initiate the foundation of a $2.8 million dollar renovation campaign for the church and in August of 2003, he was invited to return to Redeemer, preach and participate in the burning of the same mortgage.

Pastor Joiner is an appointed missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention and served on the mission field in Kenya Africa in 1986. He also served as the Director of the Baptist Fellowship Center, Louisville, KY and as the Superintendent of Missions for the Central District Baptist Association of Kentucky from 1986 through 1988.

As a bi-vocational Pastor, preacher, teacher and minister of the Gospel, Pastor Joiner has had the opportunity to live and minister to God's people in eight different states. His charge as he sees it is to carry God's Word into corporate America and demonstrate the principles of Christian living everywhere he goes.